Quokka Pricing for Procore Employees

Procore employees receive 10% off the cost of all Quokka meal plans, plus 10% off optional nutrition coaching services.

Pricing for Procore employees is $18 for each lunch or dinner meal, and $13.50 for each breakfast meal. Weekly meal plans start at a minimum of 5 lunch / dinner meals per week, plus any number of meals from the Quokka breakfast menu.


All meal plans include automatic adjustment of your meals as your nutrition plan evolves over time. Additionally, you'll be able to provide regular feedback to Chef Julian to help your meals become even more personalized.

Sample Quokka meal plans

(select any number of meals during sign-up, with a minimum of 5 lunch / dinner meals per week)

5 lunch/dinner meals per week

Standard Price

Procore Price



10 lunch/dinner meals per week



10 lunch/dinner meals + 5 breakfasts per week




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