There is no "i" in Quokka.

Meet the team behind Quokka.

Julian Martinez, Executive Chef

A former collegiate distance runner, Julian ran cross-country at a national level before finding a passion for CrossFit.  Shortly after he began competing, Julian qualified for the California Regionals competition. Since then, Julian has taken over ownership of CrossFit Santa Barbara, hoping to spread his love for CrossFit with as many people as possible.


Combining his love of cooking with his passion for fitness, joining the Quokka team was a no-brainer for Julian.  With his professional experience as executive chef and owner of multiple restaurants in Santa Barbara, along with an ISSA certification in sports nutrition, Julian is able to design a menu that is, on the one hand, completely clean and customizable while at the same time being 100% delicious.  Every meal is a puzzle and a challenge that allows him to put his full breadth of experience to the test.  

Hunter Rusack, Co-founder

As a former collegiate rugby player, Hunter thought he was in good shape - until he signed up for a free week of CrossFit. That free week turned into a passion for fitness and healthy eating, which continues to this day.


A graduate of Bowdoin and USC Marshall School of Business, Hunter's goal is to share his passion for fitness and quality nutrition by expanding Quokka across California and beyond.


Hunter lives in Santa Barbara, California, and trains at CrossFit Santa Barbara.

Kevin Lunn, Co-founder

Kevin Lunn, Co-founder

A lifelong runner, Kevin competed on the cross country and track teams at Yale before turning his attention to trail running and ultra-marathons, where he experienced firsthand the importance of nutrition for optimal performance.

Prior to starting Quokka, Kevin worked at Epic, where he helped health systems across the country use technology to improve the health and wellness of large populations. With Quokka, Kevin's goal is to help people significantly improve their nutrition to enjoy longer, healthier lives.

Kevin lives in Santa Monica, California, and is currently training for the Leadville 100 in August 2020.

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