Creole-Spiced Cod Croquetas with Creamy Polenta, Succotash, Smoked Paprika Remoulade, Spinach

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The OG fusion cuisine, Creole food is a truly American creation, combining culinary influences from West Africa, France, Haiti, Native American, Spanish, and the American South. In eating a dish in New Orleans, one can feel the power of so many cultures coming to a crossroads in one place.


Unfortunately, Creole food is also typically not particularly “clean.”  So with this dish, our goal was to create something with the complexity of of typical Creole dish, but with a greater focus on fresh produce, local fish, and healthy fats.  

~ Chef Julian

About the author

Julian Martinez

A former collegiate distance runner, Julian ran cross-country at a national level before finding a passion for CrossFit. Shortly after he began competing, Julian qualified for the California Regionals competition. As an experienced chef, Julian has opened multiple restaurants in Santa Barbara, including Barbareño and Cubaneo.


As Quokka's Executive Chef, Julian leverages his professional experience and his ISSA certification in sports nutrition to regularly develop new Quokka recipes and help Quokka members reach their health, wellness, and performance goals.

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