Poached salmon with carrot puree, snap peas, wild rice, lemon goat butter


Substitutions available: roast chicken

Braised lentils with carrot puree, wild rice, snap peas, lemon goat butter



Carrot Puree.jpg

I have a confession. I hate salmon. But as a chef, I know many people love salmon. So I've always been at odds with whether or not to put salmon on the menus of my restaurants.


But I've come to a consensus - I will serve salmon, but only if the fish is of very high quality, and it is not overcooked. So I developed this method of first quickly brining the salmon and then very gently poaching it sous vide. This eliminates that chalky dry salmon with the white coagulated protein on top, which I absolutely cannot stand.


In creating this dish, I decided to pair the salmon with a riff on the classic combination of peas and carrots. But of course, not canned peas and carrots! Instead, we make a bright carrot puree with fresh carrots from the farmers market, carrot juice, and a touch of goat butter. It's very simple, but it tastes like the essence of carrots.


To accompany the carrots, we sauté up some fresh sugar snap peas in olive oil and a bit of tamari. Served with earthy wild rice and a sauce made from lemon and grass-fed goat butter, this dish is something I can actually eat and enjoy. And if I can enjoy it, I know the majority of people with love it.

~Chef Julian