Protein-packed gluten-free banana pancakes with fresh local berries, goat butter, fried egg, and drizzled honey

Banana Protein Pancakes_Styled.jpg

Pancakes. Literally cake, cooked in a pan. For breakfast. Topped with butter and liquid sugar. It’s funny that people could ever think they wouldn’t go into a pancake coma after eating a stack of these. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. With our pancakes, we sought to create something that didn’t skyrocket the body’s insulin but also didn’t taste like a dried out sponge.


What we came up with is a batter that blends whole oats with organic banana, flaxseed meal, whole eggs, egg whites, and whey protein to create something that is very well balanced from a macronutrient perspective while also tasting great. We pair this with fresh fruit, honey, and grass-fed goat butter to round out the breakfast and actually give you useful fuel for your day, rather than robbing you of all of your energy.

~Chef Julian