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There's something undeniably delicious about bagels and lox. Unfortunately, it's not exactly the best meal to help achieve your fitness and wellness goals. So with this dish, I wanted to give you all the same flavors of that nostalgic breakfast dish in a form that is healthy and satisfying to eat at any time of the day.


This dish features fresh salmon that we hot smoke with pecan wood and season with the spices of everything bagel. Served with a hearty farro (or quinoa for gluten-free members), a coconut-caper yogurt sauce, and a bright cucumber and lemon salad, I think you'll really enjoy this rendition of the classic.

~ Chef Julian

About the author

Julian Martinez

A former collegiate distance runner, Julian ran cross-country at a national level before finding a passion for CrossFit. Shortly after he began competing, Julian qualified for the California Regionals competition. As an experienced chef, Julian has opened multiple restaurants in Santa Barbara, including Barbareño and Cubaneo.


As Quokka's Executive Chef, Julian leverages his professional experience and his ISSA certification in sports nutrition to regularly develop new Quokka recipes and help Quokka members reach their health, wellness, and performance goals.

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