Your personal chef and nutritionist just had a baby.

Meet Quokka.

Quokka's mission is to help all members reach their health, wellness, and performance goals by dramatically improving their nutrition.

Quokka develops a personal nutrition plan for each member, and then delivers local, nutritious, ready-to-eat meals that are tailored to that plan, from an award-winning chef.

Step 1

Select the number of meals you want each week (minimum 5) and let your chef know about any diet restrictions or preferences.

Step 2

Meet with a Quokka nutrition expert or complete a brief questionnaire to develop your personalized nutrition plan.

Step 3

Pick up your meals for free at a drop-off location or have them delivered to your home every Sunday and Wednesday evening.

Try Quokka today and receive $30 off your first order!


How it works.

What Quokka members are saying.


Santa Barbara, CA

“I am so pleased with the role Quokka plays in my current life goals. I need to drop weight. I need to eat nutritious well balanced fresh meals. And, I absolutely emotionally need the creativity and care chef Julian puts into these meals.


I am in a place in my life where I nurture and serve others intensively at the expense of my own needs. The delicious fresh nutritious balanced meals from Quokka feed my body and soul! I look forward to each meal, taking it out of the fridge, plating it, and enjoying a home cooked fresh delicious meal.


It feels like Chef Julian is cooking just for me! Thank you!”

“I've been on the Quokka meal plan for about 3 weeks now. all the meals have been amazing and have allowed me to keep up with multi-workout training days as I prepare for the upcoming Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) season.


I highly recommend Quokka for anyone looking to improve their nutrition but also for any athlete looking to fuel themselves with delicious food that gives you energy throughout your workouts!”


Carpinteria, CA


"I've been working really hard on getting back into healthy living and eating habits.


Quokka meals not only make me feel energized and positive, but the meals are also filling enough in a way that encourages me to avoid snacking because I feel so satisfied after eating each meal!



Santa Barbara, CA

Meet Julian Martinez, your new chef.

Look forward each week to a wide range of California-inspired meals from Julian Martinez, the executive chef behind Santa Barbara's Barbareño restaurant.

As Quokka's executive chef, Julian combines his love of cooking with his passion for fitness and nutrition. Julian has leveraged his professional experience as well as his ISSA certification in sports nutrition to design a menu that is completely clean, customizable, and delicious.


Chef Julian writes about finding balance in the culinary industry. And why we shouldn't have to choose between flavor and fitness.

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Quokka meals cost $20 for each lunch or dinner meal, and $15 for each breakfast meal. Weekly meal plans start at a minimum of 5 lunch or dinner meals per week, plus any number of meals from the Quokka breakfast menu.

All meal plans include automatic adjustment of your meals as your nutrition plan evolves over time. Additionally, you'll be able to provide regular feedback to Chef Julian to help your meals become even more personalized.

Is there a delivery charge?

Yes, there is currently a home delivery charge of $7 per delivery. However, we will be introducing additional drop-off locations where you can pick up your meals at no extra charge over time.

Sample Quokka meal plans

(select any number of meals during sign-up, with a minimum of 5 lunch or dinner meals per week)

5 lunch or dinner meals per week


+ delivery

10 lunch or dinner meals per week


+ delivery

10 lunch or dinner meals + 5 breakfasts per week


+ delivery


A personal nutrition plan, custom made for your lifestyle and goals.

When you sign up for Quokka, you can either connect with a dedicated nutrition expert for a one-on-one consultation and regular check-ins, or complete a brief questionnaire to automatically develop your personal nutrition plan.

All Quokka meals are prepared and portioned according to your nutrition plan, and are delivered twice weekly to your home, gym, or workplace, to make it as easy as possible to adhere to the plan that supports your goals.

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